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Aim Arts Academy gives college age students (16-19) the opportunity to develop their musicality with practical instruction on music production, performance and promotion. Our supportive cosy environment is the antidote to large facilities and crowded spaces that can provoke anxiety. With a maximum of X (?) students, No individual’s needs will be lost or forgotten at AIM. We have a strong focus on pastoral care with three in-house student support workers who are always on-hand to support study, discuss personal issues. Read More about student support [link to student support page]

Our students have a diverse range of abilities from complete beginner to experienced performers. What they all have in common is a passion for music and a desire to learn more about the industry to discover what roles they could take within it. Aim Arts Academy offers opportunities and experiential learning to allow students to try different activities and then develop what appeals to them most.

Tuition is led by Hagop Heath-Matossian [link to Hagop teaching page]  who has over 25 years of experience covering many diverse aspects of the music, live events and marketing industries.

Our syllabus is the Rockschool Music Practitioners Qualification from certificate to diploma level. The range of units on offer is diverse and includes the following:  

Music Sequencing & Production

Music Promotion & Marketing

Remixing & Production

DJ Skills

Music Artist & You

Studio Sound Recording

Digital Recording & Production

Studio Sound Mixing

Session Musician

Getting Work in Music

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