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Teaching you skills for living.


What is Occupational  Therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) is a science degree-based health and social care profession regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. OT adopts a holistic mental and physical health approach, providing practical support to empower people to overcome barriers. OT assists people in engaging in purposeful activities that maintain a sense of identity, including daily tasks like self-care, work, and leisure.

Our Aims

Make a positive difference for every young person, parent, teacher, school and organisation we work with.

We aim to provide a better future for you and your young person through our holistic practice.

Our Vision

Offer a quality Occupational Therapy service to young people by providing evidenced based assessments and treatment.

Our Values

We have 5 core values that help us provide the best service and get the best results.

1. Client-Centred Care:

Prioritizing the needs and goals of the client in all aspects of therapy.

2. Passion, enthusiasm and respect:

Showing empathy and respect for the unique circumstances and challenges faced by clients.

3. Honesty, Integrity and accountability

Taking responsibility for actions and decisions made in the provision of OT services.

4. Always learning

Committing to ongoing professional development and staying updated with current evidence based practices. 

5. Empowerment and Advocacy:

Supporting clients to achieve independence and autonomy in their daily lives. 

TranquilOT aims to support young people, focusing on mental health and well-being for students through early identification and support strategies. 

What support do we offer

Anxiety Management:

Discover effective strategies to manage anxiety and regain control over daily life through tailored therapies and supportive techniques.

Assertiveness Training:

Learn to express yourself confidently and respectfully, enhancing interpersonal relationships and achieving personal goals.

Anger Management:

Develop constructive ways to recognize, manage, and channel anger, fostering healthier interactions and emotional well-being.

Healthy Routine Development:

Establish sustainable habits that promote physical and mental well-being, ensuring long-term health and vitality. Gain tools to overcome procrastination, ignite motivation, and achieve goals with structured and effective strategies.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Building:

Build inner strength and resilience, enhancing self-worth and empowering personal growth in various aspects of life. Explore activities that uncover unique strengths, interests, and passions, fostering self-awareness and personal fulfilment.

Self-regulation techniques:

Learn techniques to regulate energy and focus, optimizing alertness and productivity in daily activities.

The Process

This is where the OT is contacted for the first time.

This involves the OT gathering information about the difficulties you or your young person may be experiencing. 

The OT will help set collaborative goals prioritizing their importance, urgency, and impact on your well-being. 

Intervention is a term OT's use to describe the plan created to help achieve your goals. It includes specific treatment activities designed based on the occupational needs identified during the information gathering stage. 

This stage includes regular reviews to discuss how things are progressing.

This is an evaluation of progress. To ensure precise and clear treatment, each session is recorded in detailed notes, and progress is regularly reassessed to demonstrate changes over time.

Our service is outcome-based, meaning we measure the changes achieved through therapy. This approach provide a clear and universally understood measure of the therapy's effectiveness.

At the end of the process you will be provided with a report of what has taken place in the therapy intervention.


Sessions are 1 hour a week with a minimum of 6 weeks.

Prices are dependent on what assessments are required. Please email us your requirements for a bespoke package pricing, no commitments.

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