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staff id - anya.png

STARFISH Mentor (Bournemouth)

Social Media Content Creator

staff id - cormac.png

AAA Creative Digital Media Teacher

staff id - esme.png

Occupational Therapist

staff id - Izzy.png

Creative Mentor Tutor

staff id - mary.png

AAA English Teacher

staff id - Phil.png

Student Support, Creative Mentor, STARFISH Mentor

staff id - Sara.jpg

Business Development Manager

staff id - tom.png

Occupational Therapist

staff id - ben.png

AAA Student Support

staff id - ehlana.png

STARFISH Mentor (Poole)

staff id - guy.png

AAA Student Support, Creative Mentor & E-Safety Champion

staff id - Jo.png

Learning Specialist & Referrals Coordinator

staff id - Matt.png

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Maths Teacher, STARFISH Mentor, Creative Mentor & Youth Work Trainer

staff id - rich.png

Social Media Content Creator

staff id - Suzanne.png

Trustee - Safeguarding

staff id- toni.png


staff id - chris.png

Operations Manager

emma gr.png

STARFISH Mentor (Christchurch)

staff id - Hagop.png

AAA Music Practitioner Teacher, Creative Mentor

staff id - kenny.png

AAA Programme Manager

staff id - nicola.png

Creative Mentoring Manager

staff id - Richard.png


Creative Mentor

staff id - Tim.png

Chair of Trustees

staff id - wes.png

Starfish Mentoring Manager

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Youth Work Trainer

Meet The AIM Team

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