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Starfish Mentor

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Kinson Rd, Bournemouth BH10 5HD, UK

Job Type

Part Time


Closing date for Applications

About the Role

Starfish Mentoring is our mentoring programme based at AIMCommunity. Starfish incorporates 1:1 and small group work using creative elements to engage and support young people. Starfish mentoring has a specific focus on providing opportunities for young people to develop their skills, confidence and personal development. 

The Starfish mentoring programme uses Youth Work principles as the underpinning for the work carried out with young people. As a requirement of the role, after a probation period (3 months), we will be able to enrol you in the Level 2 Award in Youth Work Practice (unless you already have a previous Youth Work Practice qualification). This will be a qualification that can be completed over 3-4 months, using your work based practice as evidence alongside additional learning hours. 




  1. Understanding of daily delivery of all aspects of Creative Mentoring/ Starfish Mentoring programme;

  2. Ensure young people allocated receive the support level required;

  3. Ensuring staff/volunteer levels are met each day;

  4. Ensuring that AIMCommunity Health & Safety Policy requirements are met on a daily basis;

  5. Ensuring AIMCommunity Safeguarding Policy requirements are met on a daily basis;

  6. Plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate 1:1 and group sessions with young people as part of the Creative/ Starfish Mentoring programme;

  7. Attend/ contribute to review meetings for young people;

Referrals & Enquiries

  1. Ensure that referral information in Ninox has been accessed and understood prior to starting mentoring with young people;

  2. Be available for initial visit and tour for potential new young people;

  3. Where appropriate arrange start date and induction for young people;


  1. Ensuring that record keeping, monitoring and evaluation of programmes are completed;

  2. Fill out session review forms after each session with young people;

  3. Communicate with parents/carers/guardians regarding cancelled sessions within a reasonable timeframe;

  4. Complete Level 2 Award in Youth Work Practice

For a full job description, person specification and an application form please contact us below

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