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About Us


We are two newly qualified Occupational Therapists who are working with AIM to develop a Sensory integration service available to AIM and the community.

Our Story

Whilst studying Occupational therapy at Winchester University, we took part in a work experience placement with AIM community. We were provided with the opportunity to begin setting up an Occupational therapy service corresponding with AIM's values and goals. 

On graduating from University the team at AIM offered us a role to continue developing the service we had begun.


Goal Setting session (Only if recent report available)

 A 1-hour goal-setting assessment, for those who have had assessments within the last 6 months, and are looking for support (sessions and strategies). Please ensure a copy of the report is sent to us via secure mail.


Individualised sensory strategies

A session to set up and implement tailored interventions and strategies for sensory needs.


Admin Fee

A document pack of information surrounding the student's sensory needs and strategies. 


Annual Review attendance- Per hour

A review of the goals set and achieved throughout the year and future goal setting.


Parent Meeting

A meeting for parents to discuss their children's progress and difficulties in their setting.


Standard Session

A pre-booked session based on work for achieving set goals or sensory coping strategies.


Block of 10 sessions

A pre-booked block of 10 sessions based on work for achieving set goals or sensory coping strategies.


Home visits not including travel

A pre-booked session in the student's home environment based on work for achieving set goals or sensory coping strategies.


Travel time Costs per hour


Sensory Processing Assessment (£100 deposit) – a minimum of 3 hours should be allocated

An assessment using Dunn's Sensory Profile and sensory equipment to develop an understanding of an individual's sensory profile and strategies. 


Working Hours
Available for work alongside Aim Arts Academy, Creative Mentoring and Starfish:
Monday - Thursday
Available for TranquilOT sessions:

Meet The Team

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