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Giving you skills for the job of living.


What do we do?

Whether it's bright and loud live events or reading in a quiet library everybody has preferences and we all perceive the world differently. This sensory input can be pleasant or even unnoticeable for some whilst being unbearable for others.

A session consists of a 1-hour block of time, pre-arranged with the young person. Each block of sessions includes a Goal setting session, a Parent Meeting session and the documentation of the service provided. 


Sensory Integration:

This practice investigates an individual's sensory profile to develop the tools for self-regulation, aiding them in improving concentration, reducing anxiety, and better understanding their unique selves.


Student presentation 

  • Struggling to concentrate.

  • Anxiety in busy environments.

  • Anxiety in bright/loud environments.

  • Struggling to stay on task.

  • Appearing unaware of surroundings.

  • They are appearing "clumsy" or struggling with coordination.



Emotional Well-being:

We aim to work with young people to help them with understanding their mental health and coping strategies available to them which may be incorporated into important aspects of their lives.


Student presentation


  • Feeling depressed.

  • Appearing slow and withdrawn.

  • Loss of interest or pleasure.

  • Self-harm.

  • Suicidal Ideations. 

  • Poor memory.

  • Daily variation in mood.



​We have the aim of empowering young people with health needs and enabling to achieve their goals. Furthermore, we aim to help better understand their health and practice healthy habits.


Student presentation


  • Poor dietary habits.

  • Poor sleeping patterns.

  • Difficulty with time management.

  • Avoiding relevant health practitioners (e.g. GP, Opticians)

Working Hours
Available for work alongside Aim Arts Academy, Starfish and Creative Mentoring:
Monday - Thursday
09:30- 17:00
Available for TranquilOT sessions:
Monday - Thursday

Meet The Team

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